Passionates of events and new techs with great hearts

We create a world in which through events people establish valuable relationships, conduct dialogue and reduce the distance between each other.

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About Us

Our Team

Part of our team are event creators who for two decades have organized thousands of events in Poland and many corners of the world. Others are IT specialists who create mobile apps, gamification platforms, as well as blockchain solutions.

Our history

In 2020, the organization of events has become practically impossible. It turned out to be a big problem, but at the same time it became a chance and motivation to find new opportunities. As a well-coordinated team with diverse competences, we decided to create a solution, thanks to which the world of events will never stop again.

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Our mission

We ambitiously strive for development and success, because what we do has a greater goal

  • Availability


    We provide access to events for people with health problems, difficulties in independent movement, as well as those who look after children, the elderly or animals. Possibility to participate in the event from anywhere, removes the need for distant travels, separation from family or resignation from private matters.

  • Equality


    Anyone can become an event organizer or attendee, no matter their origin, beliefs, orientation, or prosperity. Our supportive community strongly advocates tolerance, respect, and equality.

  • Right to express an opinion

    Right to express an opinion

    We turn events into a space for dialogue, where everyone can ask a question, share their opinion and appear on stage as a speaker or guest at any time. We create a place without barriers between the stage and the audience.

  • Connecting people

    Connecting people

    Interpersonal relationships are a crucial part of our lives. Veventy makes it easier to connect with like-minded people and make new friends and partnerships. It's our goal to make you feel integrated and supported within our community.

  • Planet support

    Planet support

    Online events help to reduce transport and CO² emissions, and minimize the amount of printed material, which saves forests from cutting down. They also limit the production of rubbish, that large stationary event can produce in tons. As a result, we minimize the negative impact of the event industry on the environment.

our mission

Our values

Impact on the world
Impact on the world

We want to have a real impact on shaping the meetings industry around the world. Encouraging people to make good changes and helping with bringing it into effect is our main goal.

Empathy and respect
Empathy and respect

We approach problem-solving with care, mutual respect and a win-win attitude. Compromises don't scare us and we always try to put ourselves in others' shoes to look at the situation from a different perspective.

The power of individuality
The power of individuality

Each of us is different and implements ideas in own way. We understand this and give space for each of us to pursue common goals along the path one have chosen.

Lifelong friendships
Lifelong friendships

Relationships that we build with our teammates, customers and friends are based on mutual support, respect and trust. We give what we would also like to receive

Dynamic growth
Dynamic growth

Curiosity is the fuel for our private and professional development. We constantly extend our horizons and gain new skills that help us become better human beings.

Equality and non-bias
Equality and non-bias

Everyone here is equal and has the same rights. No matter your origin, race, gender, orientation, position, or social status - you will always be treated in the same way.

Our culture

Our style of cooperation builds trust, creates friendships, and brings a regular dose of adrenaline

Challenges fuel us
Challenges fuel us

We are committed to working hard around the clock, with blood, sweat and tears to create this platform from scratch. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to grow and we derive great satisfaction from the encouraging results.

NOT a 9 to 5 job
NOT a 9 to 5 job

In our eyes, it is the result that matters, rather than the number of hours spent working. We believe that everyone should arrange their own work schedule based on their individual tasks, goals and needs.

Digital nomads
Digital nomads

Working remotely gives us the freedom to combine professional duties with personal passions. We maintain the work-life balance, save time on commuting to the office, and deliver work from any place in the world.

Unicorns are real
Unicorns are real

We think big and we always aim for more. Even the smallest success is appreciated. It makes us feel proud and motivates us to never give up.

Feedback is king
Feedback is king

Honesty is the key to successful communication at veventy. We encourage every member of a team to share their ideas and different opinions regardless of their position and status.

Good vibe
Good vibe

Teamwork, mutual support and inspiration provide positive energy to keep us going. We see the world in bright colors and spice up our lives with humor.

Inspiring leaders
Inspiring leaders

Leaders are supportive and inspiring members of our team. They don't give orders but encourage team members to take action and use their unique skills to achieve common goals.

Honesty and transparency
Honesty and transparency

Every member of a team is aware of both the successes and challenges that we have to face together. We encourage everyone to freely ask questions and always answer them directly.

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Maks Płóciennik
I joined veventy because it hypes me up that I am collaborating in creating the most technically developed projects in CEE. I value good relationships with teammates and possibilities to grow.
Maks Płóciennik  |  Growth Product Manager
Maciek Ziętek
Veventy has everything it takes to become a strong player in the international field and I’m part of the team that works hard on that success.
Maciek Ziętek  |  Operations Manager
Krzysztof Chartanowicz
What I love about veventy is that there is no place for boredom. Fast-paced development is a lot of fun and I'm happy to have a direct impact on the world of events.
Krzysztof Chartanowicz  |  Product Manager
Sara Pietras
Thanks to veventy I can work on my terms. I can do both, achieve daily tasks and still have plenty of time for myself.
Sara Pietras  |  Content Manager

Working at veventy is a synergy of
professional challenges,
work-life balance and good fun

fully-remote Fully remote work
work according to your rules Flexible working hours
paid holidays 30 days of paid holidays
parental leave Maternity/Paternity leave
surcharge for home appliances Home office setup expenses bonus
regular pay rises Regular pay rises
esop shares ESOP for the best employees
medical care Private medical coverage
integration of the team Workations and Team parties
work on macbook Professional equipment – Macbook and iPhone
equipment Best software for work support
clear career Internal promotion path
there will be fun going on